About Magic Garden Foundation


Magic Garden Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create quality early childhood education programs. The lifelong benefits of early experiences enable children to overcome obstacles, feel empowered, and achieve great success throughout their lives. We also focus on bringing positive impacts, equality, and improvements to communities by providing women and minorities the opportunities and resources that can help further their education.  


Many women and young adults lack the resources to attend college after graduation. Magic Garden Foundation promotes professional development for individuals who want to continue their careers in Early Childhood Education. This is done through sponsorship, mentor ship, and creating opportunities to connect with other professionals. 


Magic Garden Foundation provides professional development classes for early childhood educators that work in daycare centers and home daycares. We also provide guidance to parents interested in learning about the growth and development of young children.

How We Got Started

Magic Garden Foundation formerly known as “Mis Niños” began in September 2012, as a nonprofit training organization economically supported by a Bilingual Day Care Company.  We started giving free training in Spanish to people who were taking care of babies, toddlers, and Preschoolers.

Most of the classes are taught In Spanish, however, Magic Garden foundation also has some bilingual classes with the idea to make people feel more confident in both Spanish and English language. Always working under the precepts of learning a second language with an immersion method, we believe that educators will feel more motivated to share their cultural background in their first language, teaching language and culture.

Since its foundation, Magic Garden Foundation has offered up to 35 classes annually, all of which are related to child care and child development in children from 0 to 5 years old.

How Magic Garden Foundation Continues to Expand Bilingual CDA Trainings

We are very happy to say that, in less than 4 years of running our CDA training program, 22 child care professionals have obtained a bilingual certification granted by the Council for Professional Recognition, and 10 new candidates are on the right “road” to get it before fall of 2016.

It has been very satisfactory helping people to learn about their own potential, promoting to develop their teaching skills. Thanks to our support in October 2013, we had our first CPR/FA, Pediatrics trainer certified by the Red Cross, and during 2015, thanks our sponsor’s support two more got their certification by the Red Cross, too.

In 2015, after training only our benefactor’s staff, Magic Garden Foundation decided to expand its training benefits to our community, so everyone who is interested in starting a career in the early childhood education field can have the opportunity to become a lead teacher and keep growing professionally. At Magic Garden Foudnation we believe training teachers is key to improving the quality of care and education. By enriching the teacher’s professional life, they will enrich the lives of children.

Meet Xavier Lopez


Xavier grew up in México City, learning his strong work ethic and dedication to family from his parents. Xavier’s inspiration and persistence, as well as his drive to achieve the creation of something completely unique, make Jardín™ what it is today. His work as an entrepreneur in his community has been recognized as an example of the type of positive leadership that our Twin Cities community needs. His vision includes going above and beyond to offer staff excellent employment benefits, access to career-advancing trainings, and opportunities for professional growth and longevity in a field they love! His knowledge of DHS day care licensing regulations coupled with years of implementing best practices allows Xavier to plan strategically and lead critically to ensure that our programs remain at the forefront of early learning.


Meet Hortensia Leon

Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

Hortensia Leon started in Early Childhood Education in 2010, Through her studies and strong work performance, Hortensia was also recognized for her leadership qualities and served in the MNAEYC Board of Directors. Hortensia Leon is a Qualified Safety Instructor through the Red Cross, and a Trainer II by the Minnesota Center of Professional Development, and continues to provide CPR and 1st Aid training along with other subjects that support continuing education for teachers like the MNCDA in Spanish. 
Originally from San Diego, California, Hortensia grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico before coming to Minnesota. As a mother of a young daughter herself, she is honored to care for children and understands firsthand the trust it takes to allow others to care for your child. She understands her profession as a way to empower other women to continue in their own career path, and believes that children need us today, they are our present and future. 

Qualified Safety Trainers

Hortensia Leon


  • CPR/FA/AED Adult and Pediatrics Trainer certified by the Red Cross
  • Trainer II by the Minnesota Center of Professional Development

Jesica Leon Lopez


  • Trainer II by the Minnesota Center of Professional Development
  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Chicano Studies
  • PD Specialist

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